Couples and Relationship Counseling

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Jean Eva is delighted when she can help improve communications and better a relationship between partners or spouses!
There are many factors to consider when working with couples. Jean Eva likes to get a personal history of each partner, understanding what factors have been instrumental in shaping that person’s life. Some of these factors include early family life; friendships and social groupings; education and work life; current and past medical and psychological issues.
All of these aspects of each partner's life factor into the couple’s relationship, and in couple's therapy we need to take them into account. Jean Eva balances this information alongside the current dynamics of the relationship. Added to the complexity of working with couples is the fact that the partners learn how to behave toward each other from their experiences in other relationships and from earlier interactions in their current relationship.
There are at least 12 ways in which couples can be close. Taken together, Jean Eva calls this "portrait" The Breadth of Intimacy. An overview of these modalities can also bring partners on board as to what needs to happen to make the relationship work in a more satisfactory way for all involved.
A few of the twelve aspects of couple intimacy are
Emotional Intimacy
Sexual Intimacy
Aesthetic Intimacy
Intellectual Intimacy
Conflict Intimacy
Humor Intimacy

There are many tools a Marriage and Family Therapist can use to help couples improve their relationship. Another tool is personality type, which aids the partners in understanding both self and other. A personality type inventory emphasizes the positive aspects of each person's God-given way of being and also indicates areas which can be further "buffed up"! Jean Eva is a Certified Administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and enjoys using this tool to help couples.
Let’s set up a time for us to get to know one another and together develop a unique plan to help your relationship thrive. Give Jean Eva a call at 505-670-8555 and set up your own special time to renew your relationship.

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