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Below is the cover of my first book, Soft Skills for Tough Issues, which can be purchased either directly from the author or on the Internet at Xlibris.com or Amazon.com. I chose my photo of the arch at St. Louis, MO, to represent anyone's ability to move upward and forward psychologically. Just as the arch is a metaphor pointing toward the Western frontier, so is the arch an open gateway to surprising and gratifying opportunities in life.

Soft Skills for Tough Issues is a unique self-help book in that much of the information it contains can be applied on a personal level, while at the same time it covers a variety of workplace issues, including communication, team building, personality type, managing stress, performance appraisal, coaching and mentoring, ethics and spirituality, and visioning the workplace of the future. You may purchase a copy directly from Jean Eva by contacting her at 505-670-8555 or emailing her at [email protected]