Speaking Engagements

Jean Eva has been actively speaking to audiences of various sizes on a variety of topics since the 1990s. She has spoken to church and community groups on topics such as parenting, thriving after divorce, and working through grief.
Over the last decade Jean Eva has addressed workplace groups on such topics as “Conflict in the Workplace,” “Dealing with Difficult Employees,” “Communication: Verbal and Nonverbal,” and “Work/Life Balance.” She was formally recognized by the New Mexico Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for her contribution to diversity training and awareness at their October 22, 2008 Seminar, “Celebrating the Dream: A Legacy of Service.”
Jean Eva's two-hour seminar entitled “Personality Type in the Workplace” was well received by a large audience of WIC employees at the 40th anniversary conference of Women Infants and Children of the New Mexico Department of Health. The seminar received plaudits from many audience members, some of which you can view on the Testimonials page of this website.

Here are some of the topics addressed in each of the above-mentioned seminars:

"Personality Type in the Workplace"

  • Introduction to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • The Introvert vs. the Extrovert
  • The Sensor vs. the Intuitive
  • The Thinking Person vs. the Feeling Person
  • The Judging Person vs. the Perceptive Person
  • The Temperament Groups
  • An interactive exercise based on stressors in the workplace
  • Debriefing the exercise
  • Questions and Answers
"Conflict in the Workplace"
  • How personality type impacts collegial relationships
  • Interest-based mediation
  • The perception-to-action model in relationships
  • How to avoid the demons of communication,  "silence" and "violence"
  • The seven steps toward resolving conflict
"Dealing with Difficult Employees"
  • Identifying difficult employees
  • The negative employee
  • The rumor-mongering employee
  • The bullying employee
  • Nepotism and favoritism in the workplace
  • Guidelines for ethical behavior in the workplace
  • Who and what can you change?

"Communi cation: Verbal and Nonverbal"
  • The logistics of communication
  • Active listening
  • Sender-receiver distortions
  • Passive, aggressive, and assertive communication
  • How not to become defensive
  • Body language and energy patterns
  • Apology and forgiveness
  • Creative ways to recognize employees' contributions

"Work/Life Balance"
  • A good work ethic
  • Relationships in the workplace
  • Determining your energy quotient
  • Your personal work/life pie chart
  • What gives you energy & what robs you of energy
  • A model toward rebalancing your life
  If you would like more information on Jean Eva’s menu of topics and/or are interested in having Jean Eva speak to your organization, please call 505-670-8555 to arrange a time to speak with her personally!

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