Hypnosis for Sleep Improvement

Hypnosis for Sleep Improvement

At Soft Skills for Tough Issues, we use Clinical Hypnosis and related techniques such as meditation and progressive relaxation to foster a positive attitude toward achieving a restful and restorative sleep experience.

Perhaps the majority of Americans have some sort of sleep disorder -- caused in part by the stressful AND sedentary lifestyle many of us have had to adopt. Most of today's workplace options involve sedentary work with telephones and computers plus high-stress demands for customer service. Often we respond to these demands by neglecting our own health concerns. We forget to eat or we eat the wrong things. We fail to build in time for exercise, fun and laughter.

Computers, TV screens and other LED devices block the body's natural response to tiredness and thus damage our ability to fall asleep utilizing natural circadian rhythms.

Although we can't eliminate the use of electronic devices in our daily lives, we can learn to minimize the effects of these aspects of 21st century life and attain restful, restorative sleep!

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