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How to Get the Most from Counseling and Coaching : A Guide for Neophytes, a Review for the Rest of Us.

Chapter Headings

Chapter One        Choosing a Counselor
Chapter Two        Thinking about your Goals
Chapter Three      Negotiating a Fee
Chapter Four        Counseling or Coaching?
Chapter Five        Where Do We Go from Here?

Jean Eva Thumm, LMFT, CPC, is a coach and counselor at Beyond the Horizons Consulting, LLC, in Seaford, Delaware. She loves her work and uses a uniquely tailored approach to every individual, couple of family entering her office. Her first book, Soft Skills for Tough Issues: Fostering Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace, is also available online.


“Jean Eva’s book is straightforward, simple, to the point, and wise. She covers everything one needs to know prior to choosing a coach or counselor, and is also beneficial to those who have already started seeing a professional. What a GIFT – for a professional coach and counselor to share what she knows about the process you may be going through – something I’ve never known a provider to do before!
Whether you desire to be on a journey of self-discovery, healing, overcoming obstacles, making decisions, achieving a particular goal, or obtaining more self-confidence, this book is a MUST READ!” – Lyn Kelley, PhD., MFT, CPC

“This is a useful book for both the consumer of psychological counseling services and for allied medical professionals who wish to understand the array of services available. If you have a life situation or experience that is troubling you and don’t know where to look for help, this book will provide clear guidance.” -- Suzanne Codato, PTA, Retired, Easter Seals

Soft Skills for Tough Issues

Below is the cover of my first book, Soft Skills for Tough Issues, which can be purchased either directly from the author or at I chose my photo of the arch at St. Louis, MO, to represent anyone's ability to move upward and forward psychologically. Just as the arch is a metaphor pointing toward the Western frontier, so is the arch an open gateway to surprising and gratifying opportunities in life .

Soft Skills for Tough Issues is a unique self-help book in that much of the information it contains can be applied on a personal level, while at the same time it covers a variety of workplace issues, including communication, team building, personality type, managing stress, performance appraisal, coaching and mentoring, ethics and spirituality, and visioning the workplace of the future.  The excellent illustrations were done by Stan Bochenski, the author's husband and her administrative assistant. You may purchase a copy directly from Jean Eva by contacting her at 505-670-8555 or emailing her at [email protected].

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