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Why Are Introverts Harder to Understand?

Why Are Introverts Harder to Understand?  12 May Is it just because Introverts are quieter that they are harder to understand? No, and it has nothing to do with the number of decibels Read More

Develop Greater Consciousness as a Leader!

Develop Greater Consciousness as a Leader!  8 Jul If you deal with employees in the capacity of supervisor or team leader, it’s advantageous to consider applying the concept of “shaping behavior” to your Read More

Some Little-Known Facts about Personality Type

Some Little-Known Facts about Personality Type  11 Jun We at Beyond the Horizons Consulting can’t overestimate the value of the MBTI personality type indicator to teams in the work place and in the Read More

A Good Parent, a Good Leader?

A Good Parent, a Good Leader?  25 Jun What’s surprising is that the same skills are needed for both jobs!  Good leaders demonstrate the skills of supporting their employees and guiding them. This means Read More

You’ve Got Attitude!

You’ve Got Attitude!  27 Jun Well, what is your attitude?! Today I am writing about Your Attitude, your stance, in everyday life. It seems to me that “attitude” is a rather complex Read More

What Was That?

“What Was That?”  1 Jul “I don’t get it! What are you trying to say?” Sometimes when we are with a person we know fairly well, we are dumb-founded by a comment Read More

Volcanoes and Traumas!

Volcanoes and Traumas!  11 Jul It was pretty obvious when the tsunami hit Indonesia in the early 2000s that this horrific natural disaster would have far-reaching consequences — to the people who Read More

New Book: How to Get the Most from Counseling and Coaching

New Book: How to Get the Most from Counseling and Coaching  14 Jan Jean Eva has recently published a new book to help those just beginning counseling or those contemplating returning to counseling Read More

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Counselor

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Counselor  18 Jan Perhaps you are stressed out beyond belief and you really feel as if you’d like to talk with someone who could be objective in Read More

Your Goals!

Your Goals!  28 Jan I think it’s great if one of my grandchildren gets a goal in soccer! In every sport there is a mark to attain, whether it be in competition Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 10 posts

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